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 Addin adding references

I have written an adin which adds a new activex dll project to a project
group and puts some code in the class module.

I want to add a reference to this new project to the existing project(s)
in the group.
I have looked at the references collection and the AddFromFile and
AddFromGUID methods. However, my new activex dll project has neither a
file nor a guid as it only exists in the ide and has not been saved yet.

If I go to one of the existing projects, I can add the refrence by hand,
and then in the addin, I can see the reference with a full path, but if
I  manually remove the refrence, I cannot use the addfromfile with the
value from the fullpath as it cannot find the file.

Chris Petchey

Fri, 07 May 2004 20:52:32 GMT  
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