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 Microsoft Repository - basic questions

I need clarification on the difference between two arguments passed in a
function call from the "Directory and File" example.

The following is the function call:

Set IDir = CDir.CreateInterfaceDef(OBJID_NULL, "IDir", IID_IDir, Nothing,

My question is what is the difference between the object guid which will be
generated as a result of passing OBJID_NULL and the IID_IDIR argument which
is the "global identifier associated with the signature for this interface."

The second question concerns the creation of the IID_IDIR which is created
by the following:

IID_IDir = InitGuid(&HE1, &H1D, &H4C, &HD2, &HB9, &H9B, &HCF, &H11, &H92,
&H15, 0, &HAA, 0, &HA1, &HEB, &H95),

where InitGuid is defined as:

Function InitGuid(a As Byte, b As Byte, c As Byte, d As Byte, _
e As Byte, f As Byte, g As Byte, h As Byte, _
i As Byte, j As Byte, k As Byte, l As Byte, _
m As Byte, n As Byte, o As Byte, p As Byte) As Variant

Dim Guid(0 To 15) As Byte

Guid(0) = a
Guid(1) = b
Guid(2) = c
Guid(3) = d
Guid(4) = e
Guid(5) = f
Guid(6) = g
Guid(7) = h
Guid(8) = i
Guid(9) = j
Guid(10) = k
Guid(11) = l
Guid(12) = m
Guid(13) = n
Guid(14) = o
Guid(15) = p

InitGuid = Guid
End Function.

My question is how did the author derive the argument passed to InitGuid.
It seems to be arbitrarily made up.  Any help or pointers to help is

Steve Pruitt

Sat, 14 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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