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 I have a dbgrid located on SSTAB...

After I click the button in dbgrid a calendar opens(new form)...the
user clicks twice on the date they want and it fills in the dbgrid
button. Then it jumps to a new tab.

Doesn't always jump to a tab though. only on certain dates.

when I go back it placed the date but switch tabs....

another example...

you have 4 tabs.....
on tab 0 you have a dbgrid control with button click

the user clicks button and up comes a calendar so the
user double clicks date and wamo it changes from tab 0 to tab 3
select another date and changes from tab 0 to tab 2....

the best I can see is it is taking the .value and the tab thinks it
should change.....

anyone else ever have this problem?
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Fri, 03 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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