cannot resolve unc without microsoft client for networks installed 
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 cannot resolve unc without microsoft client for networks installed

Hi all,

I hope someone can help!

I have an application on a computer that is connected to the LAN but not
logged on. this is so that anyone can use the computer but not have access
to the LAN.

My application (written in VB 6) accesses a SQL Server using RDO, no problem
so far as ms client will resolve the UNC giving access to the database.

The problem I have is that my IS department need to uninstall MS client for
networks to get rid of the 'Network Neighbourhood' or 'MY Network Places'
Icon from the desktop. as soon as they do this my application cannot resolve
the UNC therefore not allowing me access to my database. Instead I receive
error #6 overflow.

I hope one of you have addressed this problem before or can at least point
me in the right direction.



Mon, 21 Jun 2004 23:57:49 GMT  
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