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 ADO & SQLPassThrough

Have you tried using the CursorLocation property of your ADO connection?
Setting it to adUseServer may reduce your network traffic.  You might also
consider using stored procedures to return your data.

John Tabor

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>We are converting a VB3 DAO app to VB6 ADO.  All the queries in the VB3 app
>used the dbsqlpassthrough option. I have not been able to find the same
>for ADO.  I used sqltrace to watch the ADO calls and I noticed a single
>issued 4 calls to open and fetch from a cursor.  THE DAO calls just send
>execute the single select statement.  Our DBA would like to get rid of the
>'extra' calls in the ADO model.  Any ideas or solutions would be greatly

Fri, 10 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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