Copy from doc to doc with vb6 
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 Copy from doc to doc with vb6

How can I copy a peace of one Word-document
into another Word-document with VB6 and NOT
destroy the format.

I have a SUB like this where OldDoc and NySkab is
globally declared as New WORD.Document:

Sub Converter(S As String, Fn As String)
  Dim TempDoc As New Word.Document
  Set TempDoc = NySkab
  Set OldDoc = WrdApp.Documents.Open(S & Fn, , , , , , , , , , , False)

  TempDoc.Range = OldDoc.Range ' here is the problem !!!!!!!!!

  OldDoc.SaveAs S & "SIK " & Fn
  TempDoc.SaveAs S & Fn
  Set TempDoc = Nothing
  Set OldDoc = Nothing
End Sub

I think I need something like this to COPY to clipboard:

  Selection.MoveLeft wdCharacter, 1, wdExtend    ' not the last paragraph

but how can I make the 'Selection' a selection in my OldDoc ?
and how shall I paste the clipboard in my TempDoc ?

Keld S?rensen

Thu, 09 Dec 2004 21:31:15 GMT  
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