VB setup gets registry corrupt error on client machine 
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 VB setup gets registry corrupt error on client machine

>I have some customers that are getting the following error when they try
>to install my app:

>Failure writing to the system registry.  The registry may be corrupt, or
>you may not have the required permissions to write to the registry.

>They are using win95 and I have created the installation with the VB
>setup wizard.  Has anybody seen this error before?  Do they have to
>reinstall the OS? or is this a known problem? I cannot seem to find any
>reference to this in the Knowledge Base, any help in this would be
>appreciated. Thanks.


This is probably another manifestation of the problems I'm having.

Have I had some fun over the past couple of days with VB6 and PDW.. I am
developing a simple application using some 3rd party controls, and the
app compiles to about 40K. I decided to test it on a Win95 and Win98
machine. The Win95 machine had it's gdi32 and user32 dlls trashed.
Luckily I was able to manually copy them from another machine and
rebooted OK. On the Win98 machine, it trashed the kernel dll and once
again I had to copy it from a backup.  I would not dare deploy anything
at the moment with this setup. My NT is 4.0 workstation with SP5 and VB6
is at SP3.

I am now trying PCInstall from20/20 and this seems very stable, but now I
can't self-register any of my OCXs :-(  

Anyone else having problems like this ?  

Tue, 04 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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