Unwanted page break in Enterprise 
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 Unwanted page break in Enterprise

I'm using Crystal Reports 8.5, Developer Edition.  I created a
landscape form with lines drawn to form boxes to separate the data
that reads a table in SQL Server 2000, and is supposed to publish it
on the web via Enterprise.  In report design/preview, the report
looks/prints just fine.  But when it gets to Enterprise, it has a
horizontal break halfway down the page.  There's no "Keep Together"
feature turned on anywhere, I've tried slightly reducing the page
margins and font size, but it didn't help.  There's a limit to how
much I can reduce this, and still have the data legible.

Has anyone run into this yet?  My free support period with Crystal
expired, and my supervisors don't want to spring for training/support
costs yet (I work for a non-profit).

Thanks for your help.

Sat, 17 Apr 2004 03:32:05 GMT  
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