Rendering from more dimensional array's 
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 Rendering from more dimensional array's


dx8 sdk, vb6, dx9 installed on winxp, gf4ti

I'm trying to render a couple of 'multi point' lines. Everything worked fine
until I saved my points in a 2 dimensional array. It was something like

For iloop = 0 to Ubound(aVerts, 1)
    mD3DDevice.DrawPrimitiveUP D3DPT_LINESTRIP, UBound(aVerts, 2),
aVerts(iloop, 0), LenB(aVerts(0, 0))

The outcome was pretty strange, nothing that looked like a good line, some
criss-cross connected points. I'm absolute sure the data is alright. Now
I've to save each line in a standard array first, render it, and so on for
every line. Not very fast.

Doesn't dx support this at all? Or am I doing something wrong after all?


Wed, 04 Jan 2006 01:49:27 GMT  
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