EmptyProject.vbproj & DX9 SDK 
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 EmptyProject.vbproj & DX9 SDK

If you have Visual Basic .NET and you install the DirectX 9 SDK, you
will probably get this error message when you choose to make a new
application using the Direct X 9 Visual Basic Wizard:

"The project file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio
.NET\vb7\\VBProjects\EmptyProject.vbproj' has been renamed or is not
on your computer."

By searching the newsgroups I discovered that this file is only
included in the full version of Visual Studio .NET and not in the
stand-alone versions of Visual Basic .NET.  One of my friends, also a
developer, has Visual Studio, so I asked him to e-mail me that file.
I placed it in the proper path and everything seems to work ok now.

For those of you struggling with the same problem, here are the
contents of the file EmptyProject.vbproj.  If you cut & paste this
into a text file and rename it, it should work.

                OutputType = "WinExe"
                    Name = "Debug"
                    DebugSymbols = "true"
                    DefineDebug = "true"
                    DefineTrace = "true"
                    IncrementalBuild = "true"
                    OutputPath = "bin"
                    Name = "Release"
                    DebugSymbols = "false"
                    DefineDebug = "false"
                    DefineTrace = "true"
                    IncrementalBuild = "false"
                    Optimize = "true"
                    OutputPath = "bin"
                <Import Namespace = "Microsoft.VisualBasic" />
                <Import Namespace = "System" />

--End Paste--

I hope this helps!

Sat, 07 Jan 2006 22:19:25 GMT  
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