Track Pixel-Coordinates when window resize/move 
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 Track Pixel-Coordinates when window resize/move

Hi to all,
    To be simple, my application creates some rectangles.I need to work in
window mode, but when i move or resize my window obvioulsy the pixel
coordinates of my rectangles change which forces me loose track of the
    It works fine in fulscreen mode where i cant move or resize and i create
the rectangles also according to screen pixel dimentions. But when i change
it to window mode without changing anythign else( Drawing the rectange), it
still has the old coordinaes(fullscreen mode).
    Can i map a 1024*786 2D application in a window without loosing the
information that which rectange i am pointing by my mouse. Right now i am
using the API function "GetCursorPos" to get teh coordinates in pixels.
    Hope somebody understands what i want...

Thanks a lot for any help.

Phalgun Babu

Sun, 11 Dec 2005 12:47:38 GMT  
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