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I'd say use another surface for the font text, prepare it, and then use
bltfx to copy it to your surface rotated.
(I haven't rotated text before, just saw the capability in the docs- hope
this works).

For font changes, here's what I did that worked:

Create an object of type iFont:

dim fFont as iFont

Instantiate it by stealing your window's font:

set fFont = me.font

Change parameters like so:

fFont.name = "Courier"
fFont.size = 12

Assign it to the surface:

surf.SetFont fFont

Hope this helps--

--Patrick Bunt

> Does anybody know how to draw text in a DirectDraw surface other than
> horizontally?  I mean vertically or at any given angle.  Also, how can I
> change the font?

Mon, 18 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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