DirectX 8.1 SDK and loss of Internet connection 
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 DirectX 8.1 SDK and loss of Internet connection


I installed the debug versions of the DirectX 8.1 SDK on
my system yesterday. The SDK samples compiled and ran
fine. However, I was no longer able to connect to
internet. Outlook, IE, AOL IM, etc, all complained that
there was no network connection available. Network
Neighborhood, however, was still running. I attempted
to "reset" the Internet connection via the connection
wizard. This didn't help. (Two other computers on my LAN
were still able to connect to Internet).

I was running w/out ZoneAlarm, but (for experiment) tried
starting ZoneAlarm. While ZoneAlarm was up, IE (and other
apps) still said no connectivity, but ZoneAlarm never
informed me that IE was trying to connect to Internet (as  
it normally would, since that is how I've configured it).

Since I'm running XP Pro, I rolled the system back to
previous day's checkpoint, and all was fine (except that I
can't link the DirectX samples anymore.).

My system:

 - WinXP Pro (With latest updates installed)
 - VC++ .Net
 - Access net via LinkSys router and cable modem

Any ideas?


Mon, 30 Aug 2004 03:24:18 GMT  
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