dx headache! 
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 dx headache!

Whenever I try to look up anything in my help files I get a blank, Whenever
I try to load a game I get this error message, "Direct Draw could not
initialize. Either Directx is not installed or graphic files are missing."
When I run DxDiag.exe the test will not complete. First I get this error
message, "Error problem getting extra display info. Result code= 0x8876024e
(error code)  Also on the display tab I have D3D acceleration not available.
And the test for Direct Draw gives me this test result: "Failure at step 9
(creating primary surface): HRESULT 0x8876024e (error code)" I tried
reinstalling DX8, restoring, I downloaded and installed DX9, I uninstalled
my PhotoSuite 2 because I recently updated it and thought maybe that had
something to do with this problem.......but still the same problem....Can
you help? I sure would appreciate any help or advice. I am lost without my
help files. Blondie

Thu, 09 Jun 2005 09:23:51 GMT  
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