skinning in managed dx 
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 skinning in managed dx

I have a load of strange problems in using skinning in
managed DX9

1: I have problems calling ConvertToBlendedMesh

I am loading tiny.x that has 4 bones per vertex so I must
use mixed vertex procesing on my GeForce2 card.

Everything goes ok until calling ConvertToBlendedMesh. At
that time dbmon gives this information:
D3DX: Detected mixed device: faceClampHW = 2
Miss rate before optimization: 2.166667
Miss rate after optimization: 1.119594

Then the code throws a NullReferenceException

Similar code in c++ works ok. Does anyone have any idea
what I could be doing wrong? Or perhaps someone could
tell me what conditions must be met for
ConvertToBlendedMesh to work (documentation is really
sparse on this)

2: Why does UpdateSkinnedMesh has only one Matrix
parameter? Isn't is supposed to get an array of bones?

3: When I step through code while viewing SkinInformation
in Locals windows of Visual Studio all methods of
SkinInformation begin throwing NullReferenceException. If
I don't view it it does not throw exception. But this is
not always the case as some methods begin throwing this
exception anyway and this could be also the cource of
problems for my first question. (after some time the
exceptions get more frequent and I have to reset the
computer to get it work again)

Sun, 12 Jun 2005 20:06:28 GMT  
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