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Hi, I'm back again with another question about picking.

I asked about calling Mesh.Intersect and how it worked
before.  The problem I was having all along is I could
only get it to work partially.  I was getting an
intersection but only when I clicked on random places on
the model.

I guess I should have been using Mesh.IntersectSubset all

My problem now is when I use IntersectSubset() it crashes
my app.  

Debug message:

Additional information: Error in the application.

My code:

Dim ctrMaterials As Integer
For ctrMaterials = 0 To tmpSprite.Materials.Length - 1

    If (tmpSprite.Mesh.IntersectSubset(ctrMaterials,
adj_vS, vDir)) Then

        Me.m_ObjectClicked = tmpSprite

        Exit For

    End If

'  Can anyone give me a working example or something.

Thanks    :)

Sat, 09 Jul 2005 10:51:36 GMT  
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