VB C++ DirectX and COM 
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 VB C++ DirectX and COM

I am working in VB and another team are working in C++. How can I use a pure COM
pointer created within their DLL?

The pointers are IDirectDraw7, and two IDirectDrawSurface7 pointers for the
primary back buffer. As soon as I try and use them in VB (in place of DirectDraw7
and DirectDrawSurface7) the program crashes.

There seems to be a type mismatch between the pointer provided by the C++
interface of DirectDraw7 and the VB interface of DirectDraw7. I need to use the
instance of DirectDraw7 from the DLL but I want to use it

In the code extract below dd comes from the DLL. The program stops at ->.

        Dim SurfaceDescription As DDSURFACEDESC2

        SurfaceDescription.lFlags = DDSD_CAPS
        SurfaceDescription.ddsCaps.lCaps = DDSCAPS_OFFSCREENPLAIN

        FindMediaDir FileName

->           Set m_Surface = dd.CreateSurfaceFromFile(FileName, SurfaceDescription)

So the dd is an IDirectDraw7 pointer created in C++ which I want to use in VB.

Fri, 08 Aug 2003 04:26:23 GMT  
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