Drawing Filled Polygons with a border (Outline) 
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 Drawing Filled Polygons with a border (Outline)

Hi All,
Right now to draw a filled polygon with a border of a different color I am
drawing the polygon as a triangle strip and then I use the same vertexbuffer
drawn with a line strip and a different material.

I don't want to use Wireframe because that outlines the individual triangles
which looks god awful in most  cases.

It works except for a few issues:
1)The polygon isn't closed
 Q: Is there a way to tell DirectX to automatically close a linestrip?
(Draws a line from the last vertex to the first vertex).  I can do this
manually, but requires creating a seperate set of vertices in memory for the
LineStrip with an extra one added at the end that is equivilant to the

2)Artifacting occures on the line because it exists in the same 'Space' as
the filled polygon it belongs to.

Q: Is there a way to avoid this?

3) My FPS drop significantly because any Outlined polygons are essentially
rendered twice.
Q: Tips on avoiding this?


Mon, 22 Mar 2004 00:55:28 GMT  
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