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does the debug runtime output contain any illumination?

does the REF device operate the same way? if not, its likely a driver bug.
report it to the  IHV.

Phil Taylor
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> In one of my latest projects, I need to simulate a
> starfield.  I managed to do this using a point list
> primative and it worked fine under Windows 98.  I'm now
> using Windows XP and the points are drawing in a rather
> peculiar manner.  They seem to join up in strange ways
> and flicker.  They don't always behave in the same
> peculiar way, but I have never had them behave
> correctly.  When I use a different type of primative
> (such as linelist, linestrip, trianglestrip, etc.) it
> behaves as I would expect, but not as I would like.  If I
> reduce the number of stars to 1 or 2, the stars appear
> correctly.

> I have attached a picture showing what it looks like
> under XP (it is sometimes more bizarre and ALWAYS
> flickers - the jpeg doesn't do it justice) and under
> Windows 98.

> I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could suggest a
> reason for this and any advice you are able to provide.

> Thank you,
> Thomas Dinsdale-Young

Fri, 15 Oct 2004 02:15:28 GMT  
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