problem directx8.1 SDK & matrox G400 & vb 
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 problem directx8.1 SDK & matrox G400 & vb

I have the following problem: I installed directx8.1 sdk on my 1000mhz AMD
with Matrox G400 (latest driver from Matrox installed), installation works
fine, DxDiag reports no problems, but whenever I try to start one of the vb
samples, an error occurs stating that there is no device available. As far
as I figured out this happens when calling the Direct3D8.CreateDevice
method. Demos not using direct3d seem to work fine.

Do I have to install a special driver for my gfx card (other than from
matrox)?? Does matrox g400 not support directx8.1 (although dxdiag-tests are
successful)? Or is this a configuration problem of directx (as found in the
control panel)?


Mon, 18 Apr 2005 09:42:25 GMT  
 problem directx8.1 SDK & matrox G400 & vb
ok, solved my newbie problem: changing from 24 to 16 bit color (in 1280x960,
85hz) removes all problems. Although it'd have been nice to use it with my
regular settings.

Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:52:46 GMT  
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