Transform Vector or Mesh(Not addressed here) 
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 Transform Vector or Mesh(Not addressed here)

USING DIRECTX 9 and Visual Basic.Net

I am using this code to try and transform a vector but it
seems to return the same value untransformed I just want
to be able to rotate it x degres (radiants)

Example of how I do it

Dim tmpMat as Matrix

'Rotoate Matrix by 20 degres

'my new vector

dim v1 as vector3 = new vector3(10,10,10)

'Trying to transform


Msgbox v1.z & "/" & v1.y & "/" & v1.x

'RESULT = V1 = V1 not transformed

'as you can see the vector has not been transformed
'I am not sure about the source vector in the
Transform 'method that might be the problem

Thanks for any help

Diabloice Platinum

Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:04:49 GMT  
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