Advanced : DirectShow : How to play two media files... 
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 Advanced : DirectShow : How to play two media files...

Here is the whole subject title :
How to play two media files one after an other whithout
breaking the data stream.

As everyone knows a filtergraph can be assimilated like a
stream of water :
It begins at the source(s), then transform filter(s), then
Video render.

Here is my problem :
The transform filter i am using cannot be used twice at a
time (Hardware processing)

I'd like to switch from a File Source to an other whithout
breaking the data stream achieved to the Video render !

How should I do / Is there an existing "Filter Switch" ?

____________       ___________        
| Source 1 |_______|          |----- And so on...
------------       | Switch   |        
____________       |          |
| Source 2 |_______|__________|

Please help me !

Sun, 26 Jun 2005 00:18:28 GMT  
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