Mesh Picking, Boned Animation, Faked Meshes 
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 Mesh Picking, Boned Animation, Faked Meshes

i have a single vertex buffer that has one mesh object in it. I want
to perform picking on this object for each time i have it drawn to the
screen. to be more clear

for i= 0 to 5
        setposition i * 2, 0, 0 'inside this call is a g_dev.settransform
        mesh.drawsubset i
next i

Now the problem is since i drew the mesh 6 times using the same verts,
when i go to do my picking of polygons it will only be looking through
one mesh and not 6 in the ray picking code i created. So should i do
my picking by keeping track of each meshes own matrix and see if the
point lies inside its collision radius and if it does then search
through the mesh object polys to see where the collision is?

A potential problem i see with this is when i do boned animation with
the faked meshes. I think i will have to take that single mesh and
rotate its verts to the screen equivelent. Would it be faster when i
go to do the picking, test the sphere radius for collision before i do
the picking, then if a collision is found transform the verts to the
current animated frame and regenerate that single frame for the mesh,
then do the picking?

and one last question, say the mesh had 30 bones, is the fastest way
to do the boned animation to look up some pregenerated bone matrixes
from a database? or is it faster to just do the multiplication on the

are there a better ways for any of these?

..i know its not a faked mesh but a real one, just i didnt know what
else to call a mesh u draw 6 times over n over again with the same
verts in the buffer.

Tue, 24 Aug 2004 17:04:38 GMT  
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