New to DirectX -- Need to generate tones in VB.NET 
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 New to DirectX -- Need to generate tones in VB.NET

Hi -- I'm new to DirectX (2 days now). I've searched the web to find example
of what I want to do, which is -- Create variable frequency tones at various
lengths of time... I found a web site with this Direct Animation control

    m = DACtl.MeterLibrary;       // select the library

    rawSound = m.SinSynth.rate(800); // 800Hz sine wave

    DACtl.Sound = rawSound;                    // select this sound to
    DACtl.image = m.solidColorImage(;  // make background black

I want to duplicate this in Visual Basic (.net) so I came up with this which
I thought might do it....
Dim DA As DirectAnimation.DAViewerControlClass
Dim DAIDAStatics As DirectAnimation.IDAStatics
Dim DASound As DirectAnimation.DASound

DA = New DirectAnimation.DAViewerControlClass()
DAIDAStatics = DA.MeterLibrary()
DA.Sound = DAIDAStatics.SinSynth.Rate(800)


It runs but there is no I way off on this? Can anyone lend a

Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:46:52 GMT  
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