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 DX shortcomings

I'm in the process of developing a softsynth to run under
Windows.  I've run into a few shortcomings of DX8.1.  I
haven't gotten into DX9, but I suspect these shortcomings
have not been corrected in it.  There are two problems
that I've encountered.

The first is the latency caused by the minimum size of the
DX sound buffer.  I've read that it must be big enough to
hold at least 150 milliseconds of audio data.  A keyboard
player must get audible response from a synth within 3

The second problem is that I don't see anyway mechanism in
the SDK for my application to receive midi data.  I see
the send function and some bulk midi stream functions, but
no realtime note messages.

Because of these issues, I will have to write my own
driver to circumvent the DX system.  My question is this.  
Will the Windows dll services for MM apps continue to be
available for the foreseeable future and, if not, will DX
be corrected in these two areas?

I would also like to know if DX supports MIDI RELEASE
VELOCITY messages.

Mon, 09 May 2005 14:14:11 GMT  
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