Specifying no targets with dp8vclient.settransmittargets 
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 Specifying no targets with dp8vclient.settransmittargets

    I'm now working with DirectPlay8Voice in Visual Basic and I'm trying to
set no transmit targets with dpclient.SetTransmitTargets(ltargets,0). The
DX8 docs doesn't specify how, but I've used the method for dpserver (passing
an empty array as ltargets). The problem is that my program or VB crashes
with this instruction. I've also tried setting ltargets(0) to DVID_NOTARGET,
altough SDK docs tell it's not used, but I get an Automation Error
    Thanks in advance:

Juan Daniel Lpez

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 23:16:24 GMT  
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