How to check if D3DEVTYPE_HAL is usable 
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 How to check if D3DEVTYPE_HAL is usable

Hello all,

I am on my first steps on ActiveX8 programming.
(Windows-95 using VB6).

When doing a CreateDevice Call with the D3DEVTYPE_HAL
I get an
When using D3DEVTYPE_REF all goes fine.

When running DXDIAG.EXE tho following is displayed:

DirectDraw Acceleration :    Enabled
Direct3D Acceleration :        Enabled
AGP texture Acceleration :   Enabled

Furthermore I see significant speed difference between 'software-'
and 'hardware accelerated rendering' when performing the 'Direct3D'

The DXCapsViewer also seems to display two 'DirectDrawDevices'
- Primary Display Driver (display)
- Hardware Emulation Layer.

I am struggling for 2 days with this problem, and I am lost.

Does anybody have an idea what might be wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

Arie Voors.

Mon, 07 Feb 2005 21:27:40 GMT  
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