3D Telescope Mirror in VB, where to start? 
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 3D Telescope Mirror in VB, where to start?

Greetings All,

As a hobby, I Grind, Polish, and Figure Telescope mirrors. My Hobby now includes
teaching others to make their own Telescope mirrors as well.

The trickiest part of making a telescope mirror is turning the spherical surface
into a Parabolic surface, and we do this thru a testing method called a Foucault
test, which results in a 2d graph of our mirror's surface.  A typical test
result would look like this image:


The above graph is what brings me here.  Most novice mirror makers have no idea
what that graph is trying to tell them, as it is only a 2d representation of
half their mirror.  

IF I could write an Application to turn this 2d graph into a 3d graph, I believe
it would help the novice understand what needs to be done to the mirror to make
it as accurate as possible.

Having written a few 2d Vb apps, I figured I could learn to do 3d :) Well, I'm a
little lost now.

In an effort to learn DirectX, I went thru the following Tutorial here:


At the end, I was a little confused but figured I could use the
"CreateLitVertex" call to create my 3d Mirror, as you can guess that didn't go
so well :)

So, I ask of this group:

What's the best route to take to create this app? DirectX 7 or 8?, Create the
Mesh In my Code, or use a 3D app to create a generic disk, then us VB to deform
it into the surface profile?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Take Care,
James Lerch
http://www.*-*-*.com/ (My telescope Building Documentary)

Wed, 01 Dec 2004 23:27:08 GMT  
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