Two sound cards in one system 
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 Two sound cards in one system

Hi Phil,

I am trying to implement a product based on a USB audio chip.  For it
to work, it must:

1. be transparent to the user (not a sound card replacement)
2. record A/D data and process it before writing to disk

The problems I have are:

1. on install, the windows makes the my product the primary audio

How do I reconfigure the default audio device(s) to any pre-existing
audio card to prevent user confusion?  Can I use my audio device to
record even if it is not the primary recording device ?

2. removing the device and reinserting it causes recognition problems
in windows until reboot

This may not be a user problem since they will likely leave it
attached.  For development, somewhat painful.

3. the HID inputs are "grabbed" by windows and don't allow me to use
them for my purposes despite what the USB silicon manufacturer claims.
One of them is the "mute" input which my hardware uses to signal the
user application on the PC.

Can I tell windows to not mute all speakers and just pass the
information to the user app ?  The chip is the Ti PCM2900.

I am trying to "privatize" the USB audio chip to the point
where the user is unaware they have two sound cards.  Do you think
this will work?  I have also looked for the full duplex audio sample
you mentioned in the news groups but can't find it.  Is it under a
different name in the SDK?



Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:14:15 GMT  
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