DirectX 8.1 problem 
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 DirectX 8.1 problem

Goal: install Direct X 8.1

My DxDiag ( reports that my DirectX is  It also says that my DirectX version is
newer than the DxDiag version and so it may report
inaccurate info.  I do not think I have Direct X 8.2
installed in my pc as I have checked all the DirectX files
and none of them has a verison number 4.08.02.xxxx   So, I
suspect this is inaccurate.

My question is:- can I MANUALLY install Direct X 8.1 by
unzipping/extracting all the files from DX81eng.exe and
then Copy&Paste them into their location (ie
C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM)?  Will Win Me be able to recognize this
method (after a reboot of the system, of course)?
I asked this because I have tried to run DX81eng.exe to
auto install but it does not work somehow.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!!!

(For a more detailed description of the path I have taken,
please go to:
and then click "Games")

Wed, 27 Apr 2005 16:04:29 GMT  
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