Question again about IWebBrowser2 
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 Question again about IWebBrowser2

I have an html page which has 2 frames, top frame A and bottom frame B.
I placed an active X on top frame A but at the same time this active X
should be able to find the IWebBrowser2 pointer of frame B.
is it possible to do this? If it it, the how do I get that pointer from
frame A IWebBrowser2's pointer?
My current active X, just get the IWebBrowser2 pointer for frame A since it
is placed on this frame.
And also everytime I call Navigate() from frame A IWebBrowser2
pointer,understandably frame A will move to some url.
But my objective is to get IWebBrowser2 for top level window so when I call
navigate the whole page go to that url not just frame A.

Sun, 30 Oct 2005 11:20:39 GMT  
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