technical review opportunity on managed C++ programming book... 
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 technical review opportunity on managed C++ programming book...

Hi All.

Sorry if this is not the correct newsgroup for this.

If anyone is qualified and interested in doing a technical review for an
upcoming book on Managed C++ programming (Title: Application Development
Using C++ and .NET) please let me know. The book's first several chapters
are ready for immediate review, and the remaining chapters will be coming up
in the very near future. The publisher is Prentice Hall PTR.

Note: This is an FYI only. I will not be personally involved any contract
arrangements. Arrangements for contract will be negotiated directly between
you and the publisher.

can then give your contact information to the Executive Editor handling the
book at PH PTR.

You should have a good background in MS Visual C++, and a good understanding
of many of the new .NET topics. Note that Managed C++ is a different kind of
programming than traditional C++, so a good feel for the effects of the .NET
managed environment on C++ is important. Ideally, it would be good if you
knew all the new managed C++ extensions, but I realize that not many people
have gotten far into that yet, so that is not strictly required. You should
at least be able to read the text and code examples and verify through
research and testing. They will expect a written report on all suggestions
and issues discovered.

The following list of topics are provided to help you decide if you are

- Managed C++ extensions and attributes
- Managed and Unmanaged Code
- Database
- User Interface
- Deployment
- Web Services
- Security
- Multithreading
- Remoting
- Reflection
- ATL Server

Regards, Peter Thorsteinson

Fri, 20 Feb 2004 22:35:27 GMT  
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