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 Managed C++ Wrapper for DLL

I have a regular DLL that in Beta 2 I created a Managed C++ wrapper so I
could get to it from C#.  I am migrating from Beta 2 to the release Visual
Studio .NET, but am having a problem.  I can still compile the wrapper, but
when I include it in my C# web project, it gives me an error on adding
assemblies (at run time) that says "The dll routine failed for file 'XXXX'".
I haven't changed anything in the code since Beta 2, so I assume something
has changed in the way I need to set up the wrapper.

One thing of note is that I can compile the C++ managed app as a console
application, and it runs fine, i can access the DLL without problem.  I
wonder if it is a path problem, and when run under the web server, it can't
find the DLL it is wrapping, even though it's in the System32 directory.
Although in Beta 2 having it in System32 seemed to be sufficient (since its
in the system path).

If anybody has tried to migrate their wrapper classes to RTM I'd appreciate
hearing about it..

FYI, I have one more wrapper class that doesn't seem to have the same

Mark E. Scott Jr.

Mon, 19 Jul 2004 05:55:48 GMT  
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