High-performance, cross-platform string support 
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 High-performance, cross-platform string support


Bravo Systems is pleased to announce the availability of Str Library -
a cross-platform, high-speed string class support C++ component.

After many pre-release copies were given away to various interested
parties and good feedback was received, we decided to start maintaining
this code professionally, improving it and providing technical support.

The library supports various gcc / g++ environments, Win32 with plain
API, ATL and MFC.  It allows developers to use high-speed string support
without being tied to MFC or ATL, and has many more features and better
performance than STL std::string.  It is especially fast on SMP
environments where (due to our semi-manual threading support) it can
achieve copy-on-write performance orders while also supporting complete
thread safety.

A no-obligations evaluation copy (full source included) can be downloaded


The library comes with its own installation utility and full documentation.

Fri, 26 Nov 2004 22:59:23 GMT  
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