Problem to run nmake in a createprocess command 
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 Problem to run nmake in a createprocess command


I am currently trying to create a windows-based
application in order to compile different projects !

To do so, the user need to select the project he wants to
use, and I should then get the latest code from the
SourceSafe database and compile it by using nmake in a
Createprocess command.

But, unfortunately, when doing so, nkmake only create
vc60.idb and vc60.pdd and nothing else.

I know nmake is working because when using it from a DOS
windows, I could build my project by typing :
namke /f hfplayer.mak

Here is how I do use the createprocess :

STARTUPINFO                     StartupInfo;
DWORD                           dwError;
BOOL                            bfProcess;

StartupInfo.cb = sizeof( StartupInfo );
StartupInfo.lpReserved = NULL;
StartupInfo.lpDesktop = NULL;
StartupInfo.lpTitle = NULL;
StartupInfo.wShowWindow = SW_MAXIMIZE;
StartupInfo.cbReserved2 = 0;
StartupInfo.lpReserved2 = NULL;


char szCmdLine[256] ;

sprintf(szCmdLine,"nmake.exe /B HFPlayer.mak" ) ;

bfProcess = CreateProcess
                                "D:\\My Documents\\My
Dev\\HFPlayer",&StartupInfo,&ProcessInformation );

Anyhelp would be welcome !

Thanks !

Tue, 04 May 2004 17:58:45 GMT  
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