Assembly.CreateInstance returns a type that generates InvalidCastException when typecasted 
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 Assembly.CreateInstance returns a type that generates InvalidCastException when typecasted

I have a few projects in my solution. The interface Plugin is in the
Controls project, and then I have a XXXForm project that has a class that
implements the interface Plugin .
Then I have a Toolset project that loops through the directory for dll and
locates dll that implements the interface Plugin and use them.

If I only load a single assembly, the code is working. However, when I load
a few assemblies, the code is not working. The code snipper is below. The
logic and construct is correct, since I done a few 'debugging' myself by
blocking out codes, removing dlls until only one is left, etc. But it
doesn't work when I have made more than one call of LoadFrom for more than
one assembly file. If it's just one, it's fine. Anyone has any clue?

string[] fileEntries =
ols", "*.dll");

foreach(string fileName in fileEntries)


System.Reflection.Assembly objAssembly = null;

objAssembly = System.Reflection.Assembly.LoadFrom(fileName);

foreach(Type type in objAssembly.GetTypes())


if(null != type.GetInterface(typeof(Toolset.Plugin).FullName))


Plugin obj = (Plugin)System.Activator.CreateInstance(type);




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