Best Practices Question - Interacting with VB, C#, C++ 
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 Best Practices Question - Interacting with VB, C#, C++


I'm working on a system with substantial sharing between the three
languages. I have a series of shared classes, including derived user
controls, and collections. Parts of the system (it's native Windows, but
that's just now) are ATLs in C++. However, I'm wondering how others prefer
to do their lower-level code. Managed? Unmanaged? ATL?



Thu, 02 Jun 2005 05:18:02 GMT  
 Best Practices Question - Interacting with VB, C#, C++
Hmm, I think mixing managed code is pretty much a freebie (though I haven't
exactly tested this) but passing data back and forth between unmanaged and
managed code will definitely suck the life{*filter*} out of your app.  I would
recommend minimizing the amount of back and forth between managed and
unmanaged code.  For instance iterating several times over an managed array
of System::String and converting it repeatedly to std::string doing some
unmanaged stuff and then converting it back to a System::String would be a
very bad choice.  I know's it's a little vague but I guess what you should
use mostly depends on what place the information will reside for most of
it's lifetime in terms of managed and unmanaged.  If it's managed then from
what I've been able to tell the differences are much more negligible.

Todd Thompson

Sun, 05 Jun 2005 04:54:12 GMT  
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