NSQLPREP does not work anymore in VS.NET ? 
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 NSQLPREP does not work anymore in VS.NET ?


I wanted to port a (very) big project from VC++ 6.0 on VC++ 7.1.

My problem is that I have a lot of SQC files which I have to compile
with nsqlprep.exe.

Migrating to ADO is not possible because we have thousand of these SQC
files !

When compiling a SQC file I saw that nsqlprep uses cl.exe !? Why ?

The problem is that when I use the cl.exe of VC++ 6.0 it works very
well ...

But with the cl.exe from VC++ 7.1 it does not ! I always get a warning
from nsqlprep and it stops pre-compiling my SQL file !

Is there a workaround ? I really have to use VC++ 7.1 and I really
cannot convert my E/SQL code !


Sun, 04 Dec 2005 22:47:27 GMT  
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