Newbie question --- ATL dll using Wininet.dll 
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 Newbie question --- ATL dll using Wininet.dll

Trying to create and Activex dll to add FTP ablility to my
asp pages.

I have an ATL project that contains a simple class with
one method. (I used the wizards)

The method returns "hello". Which works.

I added the Wininet API for FTP capability. The Project
compiles and builds the dll. The Dll is referenced on an
asp page. But the FTPopen and ftpPutFile dont do anything.
The method still returns hello on the asp page

So to test, I place the FTP api code in a console app and
everything works?

Why does the FTP api from wininet not work in the class in
the Activex dll??

Any suggestions?


Wed, 24 Nov 2004 06:42:04 GMT  
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