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I am using Edit & Continue for a VC++ dll which runs under DLLHost.The
process (DLLHOST) i am attaching to is in a remote machine,for this i am
selecting the

"Processes" window and selecting the remote machine and attaching to the
DLLHOST process.

1)My VC++ program have relative paths(like <testinternals\testinternals.h>
etc..),so if i make any change in the VC++ dll code in the client machine
any then try to press F10 getting compilation error C1083.

In the above scenario if i replace the relative paths with absoulte paths
Edi&Contine for remotemachine is working fine.

2) Also if th e .NET installation is in other than "C" drive getting the
error saying that the cl.exe is not found under(C:\program Files\...\cl.exe
here gettign the drive as "C" instead of the drive where i installed .NET".

Please suggest some solution for the above 2 scenarios.



Mon, 05 Dec 2005 20:46:39 GMT  
 Edit & Continue
Hi All,
    Edit & Continue along with Remote debugging.

    1)Built a dll which runs under DLLHOST.EXE  in tte server ,which i want
to use with Edit & Continue.

    2)Copied the dll code to client machine.

    3)Got a breakpoint hit in the Client when a dll's method was
invoked(invoked by an application running in server).

    4)changed the code and pressed F5 \F10.

    5)Shows "unalble to find the C:\program
Files\MicrosoftVisualStudio\....\cl.exe" even thhough the .NET installation
is in the "D" drive here it shows it as "C"
        Here in the server the .NET installation is under "C".

if i repeat the steps from 2 to 5 with the DLL code built in the client
itself and copied to the server i am not getting the error as it was
displayed in 5).

Please guide me resolve this.


Sun, 11 Dec 2005 17:28:34 GMT  
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