Any updates in ATL/ATL Server in VC 7.1 
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 Any updates in ATL/ATL Server in VC 7.1

Will there be any updates to ATL/ATL Server in the upcoming version of VC
commonly referred to as VC 7.1 (whatever it will be called)? I am
especially interested in some bugs in ATL Server (e.g.
CHttpRequestParams::Render) and PTS related issues (especially
CElementTraits template class). I would expect most CElementTraitsBase
derived classes ( such as CAutoPtrElementTraits o.s. ) to be replaced by
partial specializations of CElementTraits<>. If this is the case will the
old variants be declared deprecated?

Just want to preclude "Help Desk Hell" because I know who will carry the can
for this.

Thanks in advance and a hearty "Cheerio!"


Thu, 17 Feb 2005 09:36:33 GMT  
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