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> <disclaimer>I know this is off topic, but I never get a response in the MS
> MC++ NewsGroup.</disclaimer>

Then you might want to try other, Windows and VC specific
newsgroups. This is still not the right newsgroup.

However, I'll throw you a bone. I will _not_ respond to
further posts in this newgroup

> Does anyone know what makes Managed C++ different from
> standard C++? Obviously there is the fact that it runs the .NET
> Framework, but what is happening behind the scenes?

This cannot be answered completely or accurately in any
newsgroup. Start reading the Managed C++ documentation,
and the _huge_ number of articles MS makes available from
MSDN magazine on their website.

.NET is _huge_. There are no short summaries.

All I can tell you in the newsgroups is that Managed C++
is a totally different language from C++, designed to integrate
with the dotnet framework. Since dotnet provides for security
at the level of individual MSIL bytecodes, it's easy to see
why a language as powerful as C++ can't integrate well.

In addition, while C++ allows and often requires explicit
memory management, dotnet is garbage collected. Standard
allocation can't be used in Managed C++

Thirdly, C++ does _not_ define the exact storage requirements
for POD data types, or the internal layout of objects. Dotnet
passes objects between languages, so all of these things must
be specified.

> My MC++ App takes about 30-120 seconds just to execute!!

The dotnet framework does a lot of things, including bytecode
verification and JIT compilation.

> As it begins to run, you can see it loading assemblies from the
> GAC, it goes through about 30 dlls.

Yes. And your point is?

> And when the MC++ app runs, it runs no faster than a VB app...

Uhmm..., it;s not _supposed_ to be. One of the things dotnet
is supposed to do is generate just about the same code for
all languages. MC++ is _supposed_ to generate about the
same code as VB/C#/J#/Eiffel.NET/COBOL.NET, etc.,

> Any thoughts?

Several, but not on this tired subject.

Try the dotnet newsgroups. They are quite active, so you
should see a response if your post is interesting and you
wait a reasonable length of time.

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