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 /clr & edit &continue

The main issue is that there is no support in this version of the CLR for
edit and continue. None of the languages support it.

The secondary issue is that for IJW images that have both managed and native
code in them, we would need a way to coordinate both mechanisms.

We plan to support E&C for pure MSIL images in some future version, however
it isn't near the top of our priority list right now --feedback very
welcome--, but it is somewhat unlikely that we will do the huge effort
required to support it for IJW images.

Ronald Laeremans
Visual C++ compiler team

> I was just woundering in a future release of VC if the two
> compiler switches will be compatible, if not what is the
> issue with it?

> James

Sat, 26 Jun 2004 07:04:30 GMT  
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