Unhandled Exception:User Breakpoint Message 
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 Unhandled Exception:User Breakpoint Message

I have a simple application (MC++, Windows Forms) that
connects to Oracle 8i database using ADO.Net
(OleDbConnection object). The application only connects to
the database, and doesn't retrieve or insert any data at
this point. Connection succeeded, and everything seems to
work fine, but when I run the application in debug mode
form within the environment (Debug->Start or F5), and I
close the application, I'm getting the following message:
"Unhandled exception at 0x77fa018c in SM Server.exe: User
breakpoint" in a dialog box. The output window shows this
message also, and just before this message the output
window shows the following message:
'HEAP[SM Server.exe]: Free Heap block 4cb0000 modified at
4cb00c4 after it was freed'.
I'm not sure this Heap message has something to do with
Unhandeld Exception message.
If I comment out the call to OleDbConnection->Open, I
don't get the Unhadled Exception meesage.
The connection string I'm using to connect to the Oracle
8i database is:
dbConnection->ConnectionString = S"Provider=MSDAORA;Data
Source=ngqos01.usecngqos1;User ID=ng;Password=cmgv"

I'd appreciate any help.

In addition, another question: how do I set an application
icon to a Managed C++ application that uses Windows Forms?


Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:49:36 GMT  
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