Upgrading from .NET to .NET 2003 
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 Upgrading from .NET to .NET 2003

I am writing a wrapper for some unmanaged C++ code.  The
code used to compile, under .NET but doesn't under .NET

I have a base class which deals with the unmanaged code
__gc public class MBaseXWrap

Then I have a class which inherits from that:
__gc public class MBaseXMessage : public MBaseXWrap

and then a set of specialized classes which inherit from
__gc public class MHistoricalBase : public MBaseXMessage

When compiling I get the following error:
(85) : error
C2614: 'Alaris::Salsa::XGram::Mms::MHistoricalBase' :
illegal member initialization: 'Object' is not a base or
This diagnostic occurred in the compiler generated
function 'Alaris::Salsa::XGram::Mms::MHistoricalBase::MHist

The only constructor I declare takes in a base class
reference, so the constructor referred to in the compiler
error must be the generated default constructor.

__gc public class MHistoricalBase : public MBaseXMessage
    MHistoricalBase(MBaseXMessage & msg)
    : MBaseXMessage(msg)


The first thing I tried was to make MBaseXMessage inherit
from Object.  But that didn't work either (same error).  
Could it be some sort of namespace issue?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Mon, 17 Oct 2005 03:19:26 GMT  
 Upgrading from .NET to .NET 2003
Can you supply the whole project for my more efficient studying and
possible reproducing?  

Best regards,
Perry Deng

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Fri, 21 Oct 2005 11:47:05 GMT  
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