help me plz with richeditctrl component 
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 help me plz with richeditctrl component

I got a task that developping a componet like
the 'Microsoft Reader', the user can view a document(.DOC
file) and he can draw something in the document with
mouse, such as sign,comment etc. I planed use a richedit
control to view the document, and user draw in a picture
layer overlay the richedit control(user can view the
document and the picture layer at sametime), so I can
save the document as a .DOC file and save the picture
layer as a bitmap file, but I don't know how to implement
that display the picture layer combined with the content
of richedit,who can give me some advices and THANKS VERY


Mon, 24 May 2004 13:29:57 GMT  
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