Sharing a handler 
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 Sharing a handler

Got this one figured out. I give a unique Name to each control, one that
includes the index number in its string. Then parse out and convert number
to index!

  /== Peteroid ==\

> Hi Sean,

> I'm creating a Managed C++ Application using VC C++ .NET. I'm creating
> buttons in code using the Button class in .NET Framework
> (System::Windows::Forms). I'm interested in the button being able to
> determine it's index in an array during a Click event, thereby allowing me
> to create an arbitrary array of such buttons on the fly which share one
> Click handler.

> As a matter of focus, imagine I want to create an arbitrary matrix of
> buttons which is W x H in dimensions, and when a button is pressed the
> global variables X and Y are set to the buttons position in the matrix
> (e.g., X=0, Y=3 when the button three buttons down on the far left edge is
> pressed).

> I'd also like to be able to do this with PictureBoxes, but I assume the
> principle and mechanics would be about the same since they are both
> class decendants ... :)

>   /== Peteroid ==\

> > Are you using .NET, ATL, MFC or Win32?

> > > I want to create an array of buttons, and have them all use the same
> click
> > > handler. My code gives each button an index, and I want the handler to
> be
> > > able to figure out the index of the particular button calling it,  and
> > react
> > > accordingly. That is, I want the handler to be able to detect which
> button
> > > is calling it.

> > >   /== Peteroid ==\

Thu, 27 Jan 2005 05:01:37 GMT  
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