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 All User/Specific User directories

I'm designing my software to use Add-ins, which initially means those that I
develop, but eventually will include those written via my SDK by interested

Although I don't mind the Administrator installing my software on a computer
in All Users (available to all who have user accounts on there), to make it
easy for me and other developers to license their addin's on a per user
basis, I'd like add-ins to be installed into the current users settings. In
addition, with the right license purchase, I want to allow the admin to
install the add-in into the All Users, so that everyone has access to that
particular add-in.

I'm running into several problems, I hope someone might be able to point me
in the right direction:-

a) If the admin gets the Basic version of the add-in for everyone, and then
User A individually licenses for the Pro version, I want the software to
pick-up his personal Pro add-in when he is logged in, but to pick up the All
Users for everyone else.

b) Initially, User B gets the Basic add-in. Eventually, the company upgrades
the Single-user Basic license to a multi-user Pro version. I want to a) make
sure that when User B starts my software, it will see that the Pro version
is available to all, and is an upgrade to the current Basic version, and use
that instead, and b) if possible, automatically clean up User B's settings,
so in future it won't find the basic personal version, only the all-user

c) The administrator should be able to see who has what available to them,
listed by Multi-user (all-User), and then individual Users with the relevant
personal add-ins listed.

I know it sounds complicated, but in practice it should provide a very
flexible way of managing licensing for the ad-ins.

I know I have been vague about what I need. I'm not looking for complete
code of anything. What I really need is information on a) How to look at
All-Users/Current-User settings, via either shell or registry, b) How to
scan for possible add-ins (DLLs), which I can then Load and check for my
Add-in identifier calls (I know LoadLibrary looks at the app directory then
the windows directory, but that doesn't help with locating possible add-ins,
particularly in All-Users/Current-User local settings), and finally c) does
Windows provide any licensing system I could use to track these details (to
ensure someone doesn't install to a current-user local settings, then just
copy the file into All-Users).

I know, this is a long e-mail, and vague in places, but I hope someone might
be able to help.

I've looked at some software security products by various companies, but it
would mean that external add-in developers would need to purchase the same
package. I'd rather contain it all in the program/SDK.

Yours, with hopes for a swift answer,

A Ratcliffe

Sat, 16 Apr 2005 21:10:50 GMT  
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