better way to use strings in managed and unmanaged code 
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 better way to use strings in managed and unmanaged code


Use Marshal.StringToHGlobalAuto method to get a pointer, in the unmanaged
heap, to the unmanaged version of the managed string. Now, you are
reponsible for releasing that memory.

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> i am upgrading an application,
> as a step one i changed one of the core class to __gc and updated its
> properties etc.

> now if i expose string properties as System::String it gives hard time to
> all other classes those uses it. beacuse then i have to change each part
> contverting between CString and System::String and replacing use ==
> with System::String::Compare or otherwise i have to conver String in to

> the problem with pointer is who going to unallocate it, is there a nicer
> to handel this situation any suggestion.

> Thanks,
> Sajjad

Wed, 26 Jan 2005 16:28:59 GMT  
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