Unmanaged C++ & VB.NET 
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 Unmanaged C++ & VB.NET

Why not wait for DX9, which will have managed DirectX which is, i think, a
managed wrapper on top of DirectX.  Then you could just build your graphics
engine on top of Managed DirectX.  I'd love to see a Managed DirectX 3D

> I am thinking about learning C++. I have a few questions:

> - Is it possible to make a graphics engine in Managed C++ that is capable
> rendering full-screen graphics (with alpha/color blending) at a decent
> framerate (25 fps+)?

> - Is it possible with Unmanaged C++?

> - Is it possible with C#?

> - Is it possible, or how hard would it be to use the resulting objects in

> - How hard will it be to learn C++? Ive been using VB for several years &
> have a pretty good idea of what is going on behind the scenes from using
> APIs & my limited exposure to C++.

> Any suggestions / comments would be greatly appreciated.

> Jeremy

Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:50:38 GMT  
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